10609713_10152683760646635_6756803142154549394_nNina Giovannitti
Writer, esthetician, skin expert

10609713_10152683760646635_6756803142154549394_nNina G. is a passionate New York transplant (to L.A.), redhead, writer, blogger, skin guru with her own age-defying facial treatment biz (12 years) and the original powerhouse behind the Rock that Red movement. She believes in the power-of-pretty and that every woman is connected in their pain, struggle, joy and celebration of oneself.

Lashelle Ullie
Make-up artist and product specialist

Lashelle Ullie is a makeup artist and beauty specialist in Los Angeles. He has worked for the world’s most sophisticated and powerful make-up brands; M.A.C., Yves Saint Laurent, Lancome and Chanel cosmetics. He is currently located in Beverly Hills at the Damone Roberts Salon, as a top brow stylist and make-up artist. His expertise and experience has placed him on several popular online publications and beauty blogs.

Lashelle’s appreciation and knowledge of our ever changing beauty culture has earned him a position of high demand and a force to watch out for in the beauty industry!
Nina and Lashelle are thrilled to be partners and look forward to bringing Rock That Red to the world.